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Copyright in Sound Recordings

Musicians who produce their own compact discs, tapes and/or vinyl albums also should obtain copyright registration in the actual sound recording i.e., the performance contained on the compact disc, tape and/or vinyl album itself, as compared to the copyright in the musical composition. These are distinct property rights which need to be protected.

Form SR (with instructions) is used to obtain copyright in sound recordings. Form SR can also be used to obtain the copyright in the underlying musical compositions, in addition to the copyright in the sound recording itself, if certain conditions are met. Additional information about obtaining copyright in sound recordings, and use of Form SR , may be found in Circular 56 - Copyright for Sound Recordings. See Circular 56a - Copyright Registration of Musical Compositions for an explanation of the differences between copyright in compositions and in sound recordings.

  As noted above, an Adobe Acrobat Reader
  is necessary to view and print the downloaded copyright forms and circulars, as they are in PDF format.

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