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Get yourself a copy of one of the most respected Jazz magazines: Gene Lees Jazzletter. It's the magazine which the musicians read. Gene Lees Jazzletter Box 240, Ojai, CA 930240-0240 jazzlet@ix.netcom.com $70 a year for the U.S. & Canada.

Drummers check out Drummer Dude an Oregon drum magazine found free in all major drum shops throughout the country. Subscriptions are available for $7 by contacting Drummer Dude, PO Box 551, St. Helens, Oregon 97051, phone/fax 503.366.0481, or e-mail at drummerdude@mail.triax.com

Usenet - rec.music.bluenote is a usenet newsgroup focused entirely on the jazz scene and jazz community. It's where you can have your jazz questions answered and enjoy lively jazz discussions at the same time.

For those jazz guitarists, access Jazz Guitar Online for general information and feature articles about jazz guitarists.

All About Jazz, an excellent online jazz magazine, has jazz biographies, CD reviews, and much more. Below follows links to their daily news and daily articles. Don't miss checking them out.

? ? BROKEN LINK ? ? - - Jazz Friends Review is an electronic jazz magazine. E-mailed copies of each issue are available by subscription. Jazz Friends Review provides a venue for jazz musicians to read and contribute articles and information about jazz. Also, jazz musicians can list their independently produced jazz recordings through the Jazz Friends Review.

Downbeat is now online!

JazzSpot.com, the spot where jazz meets art, provides links to jazz memorabilia, book reviews, photography, and art.

Author Flo Wetzel's long awaited biography of noted clarinetist Perry Robinson is now available. Get it at your local bookstore, or from an online bookseller, such as Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

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