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The Internet Law Libarary, formerly the U.S. House of Representative Internet Law Library. Although not geared towards musicians specifically, it has many intellectual property resources and links making this an interesting and necessary site to explore.

For those of you interested in Copyright Law and how it affects online usage of intellectual property, examine the World Intellectual Property Organization web page. Although not ratified by the United States, on December 20, 1995, under the World Intellectual Property Organizations auspices two treaties were signed, the first of which the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty would protect computer generated copies of songs, and the second, the WIPO Copyright Treaty which would govern on-line distribution of copyrighted material. You may want to read Press Release 106 for basic information about these treaties.

The World Wide Web Virtual Library at Indiana University School of Law at Bloomington is one of the best web pages of intellectual property resources I've located. It has intellectual property links for musicians and everyone else.

The American Intellectual Property Law Association, a trade association of over ten thousand intellectual property law attorneys, has good resources covering all aspects of intellectual property law.

Composer/Musicians, find out if your compositions can be used for parody purposes without the payment of royalties. Visit Copyright & Fair Use, Stanford University Library for a good site oriented towards the "fair use" provisions of United States Copyright Law. The Library of Congress has a brief description of Fair Use laws on its website.

The Franklin Pierce Law Center 'Intellectual Property Mall' is definitely worth a visit. This site has an extensive listing of copyright, and other, intellectual property resources.

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