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I work in the Hawthorne neighborhood in Portland, Oregon, and have a general law practice with an emphasis on intellectual property and entertainment law.

In the entertainment field, I have represented and counseled numerous clients including jazz, reggae, rock and alternative country musicians, booking agents, video documentary film makers, authors, artists, music publishing companies and other assorted creative individuals. I also was counsel to the Deleware Water Gap Celebration of the Arts, a yearly non-profit jazz and arts festival, held in Deleware Water Gap, Pennsylvania. Currently I am a member of Northwest Lawyers and Artists, Inc., a non-profit corporation created to educate artists and musicians about legal issues affecting them.

For my entertainment clients, I have negotiated record deals, music publishing agreements, drafted and reviewed management and other music related contracts, secured and granted licenses involving intellectual property rights and helped my clients legally organize and establish their business entities. Additionally, I have assisted clients with copyright, trademark, trade secret matters.

Besides entertainment matters, I have counseled individuals and corporations engaged in a variety of small businesses, ranging from garment manufactures to neon designers to software companies.

I am admitted to the bars of the States of Pennsylvania; New York; Oregon; and Washington and represent only clients doing business in or residing in those states.  I am also admitted to the Federal District Courts for the Middle District of Pennsylvania; Eastern District of New York; Southern Distirct of New York; District of Oregon; Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Tax Court.

I received my JD degree from Lewis and Clark Law School in 1979 and my BS degree from Ithaca College in 1976.

Because of the many horror stories I have witnessed in the music business, and because my music and other entertainment related clients have often asked me for references to various intellectual law related information, I created Musicians' Intellectual Law & Resources Links. It is my hope that this web site proves helpful to them, and to all other aspiring musicians, in addition to being a general resource and reference for attorneys.

Thank you for visiting Musicians Intellectual Law & Resources link. Please e-mail any comments or suggestions to info@musiciansintellectuallaw.com

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